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icon8 ball secrets 2.0 2.0

8-Ball Secrets is a comprehensive, instantly downloadable, ?living? guide that 100% guarantees to dramatically improve your game. It?s jam-packed with nothing but practical, usable advice and countless tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets that will make you virtually unbeatable in the game of 8-ball.

Simply put, 8-Ball Secrets is an incredible resource that?s been proven to unlock your hidden potential and turn good?even mediocre players?into virtually unbeatable ones.

Discover the foundation you should have learned when you first started?the eye-opening information found in the first chapter sets the tone for the book and instantly gets you excited about learning all those things you missed.

Learn how to tell what strategy your opponent is using against you?once you know what the opposition is thinking (and why), you gain an immediate, decisive, and unbeatable edge over them.

Learn how to make those ?tough? shots you used to never even consider.

Discover simple things you can do that encourage?even forces your opponent to make BIG mistakes. Even a few little mistakes you cause for your opponent means great things for your game. Start putting these to work and you?ll become a feared player by all.

See everything in full color illustration?easy to grasp shots and concepts ? full color ?close-up? illustrations that you can use to practice and master quickly and easily

Learn the closely guarded secrets of positional play. Never let anyone run the table on you again. You?ll learn how to predict ball behavior so that you?ll ALWAYS be the one running the table on your opponent.

Master your shots?we?re all physically equipped to make any shot we see. The secret, however, is a little bit of physics knowledge. You?ll get a crash course on physics through beautifully illustrated diagrams that?ll turn those once ?tough? shots into child?s play.

Discover the deeper secrets of 8-ball and how to control your opponent.
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