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iconAVS YouTube Uploader

Save time and send your videos directly to YouTube without loading the
YouTube web site. Select a file, write a title and description, add
tags, YouTube video category and you are on YouTube! Want to send
several video files at once? Just a few mouse clicks and you have a
list of video files to upload! The intelligent program supports all
popular video formats. AVS YouTube Uploader will function even if you
have several YouTube accounts! Just open the account window to enter
them one by one and enjoy the process.

Don't have a YouTube account yet? Use AVS YouTube Uploader to register
one! A simple and multilingual interface ensures quick and easy work.
Upload your videos with AVS YouTube Uploader and let your friends see
your videos on YouTube!

AVS YouTube Uploader is a part of the package. Register
once at and work with all 25 tools from the
package. Subscribe for $39/year or $59/lifetime.
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