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iconAxProject 2010 3.0

A rich in features as well as powerful project management solution, AxProject is going to be your essential tool in the field of enterprise and small business project management. Should you need a steadfast, feature-rich yet affordable planner, AxProject will be the right choice. This solution has the functionality you might want in planning: completion dates of the project as well as its costs precisely calculated, easy-to-create assigments or tasks, variety of resource types, really convenient and visual Gantt charts, efficiently handled critical issues, and limitless undo/redo actions available.
With this software, even the most complex project will turn into a clear, clever and comprehensible task-by-task plan with task dependencies, time constraints and clear-cut deadlines. Unlike lots of other PM solutions, AxProject lets you select the category of resources you may assign to tasks: work, material, and cost resources, as a consequence, making your plan assumptions and estimates as practical and realistic as possible.
Moreover, this application can help discover critical tasks which will influence the finish dates of the entire project, and efficiently manage them (critical path method). More impressively, you may stay alert of resource overloading and immediately reschedule and reassign their tasks in a more optimum way, a feature also known as a team planner. Variable and customizable calendars, with work weeks and exceptions, Microsoft Project export and import, 4 types of task dependencies, task splitting, endless "what if" scenarios, and there's yet much more to discover! Nice as well as user-friendly interface in tabbed toolbars (like Ribbon) will be a nice bonus on top of that. Experience easy and efficient scheduling with AxProject and start creating your success plans now!
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