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iconBest Keylogger

Undetectable key logger software is easy to use monitoring tool that can record every keystroke into an encrypted log file for a later review. PC activity monitoring software is created for better understanding of user activities on your computer while you are away. Smart keystroke recorder records keyboard inputs like user name, windows login passwords, used applications, work duration, keystrokes, passwords, internet surfing history and typed characters in all messengers including YAHOO, MSN, AOL and ICQ. User may enable this Keylogger to send the reports to your email address every few hours. Keylogger surveillance tool records every computer activity so that you can see exactly what your family members, employees or other users are doing on the computer in your absence. Parents can use it secretly to see what their children do with the computer when they are away. Keyboard activity logger runs invisibly and can't be stopped in any Windows OS unless the user has Administrator status. Utility automatically track application status, drive location, session time and date, application caption with each keystroke and save it in log file. Freeware Keylogger utility works effectively on all Windows operating systems and traces all Windows applications. Keyboard keystroke recorder utility captures all incoming and outgoing email, chats and instant messages and then instantly forwards you an exact copy of it via email. Remote keylogger software has intuitive user interface and amazing easy-to-understand reports viewer with eye catching reports.
* Key logger records all text of the computer (including the Guest user).
*Key Logger existence will not be seen on the Desktop, Add/Remove Programs and Control panel.
* Keystroke information is record in the encrypted log file.
* Convenient interface of the log and screenshot view.
* Provides the opportunity to protect key logger with the password, so that nobody except you could view the logs.
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