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iconCyQuest Business Tool 2009

CyQuest Business Tool 2009

CyQuest is an essential tool for any business trying to manage client information and documentation on a limited budget. The application allows the user to create databases and forms without any knowledge of programming or database management. It also allows the user to manage meeting and telephone notes as well as documentation in a single database complete with version control.

Attachment ? Any type of electronic file that is to be uploaded into the database.
Cell - The intersection of a row and a column where individual pieces of data reside.
Database - Collection of text and numerical data stored in a list created and managed by an application called a Database Manager or DBM.
Field - A variable used to hold a record.
Rows - A horizontal group of cells on a spreadsheet identified by numbers.
Table - The way a list is presented.

A Quick Overview of a Database
The most commonly used tool for managing critical data is the database. A Database is a collection of text and numerical data stored in a list created and managed by an application called a Data Base Management System or DBMS. The list is presented as a table that can be broken down into columns and rows. A column is the vertical grouping of entities, while the horizontal grouping is known as a row. When one or more columns are used in a table to identify a specific row, then that group of columns is called a key. All the information entered into a database is called a record. This information composes a variable called a field.

Installation of the Application
To install the application, double-click ?Setup Application? located on the distribution disk. The ?Setup Application? will guide you through the installation process. In most cases, the default installation setting will work fine.
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