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iconDamaged DOCX2TXT 1.0

Word 2007 files are really zipped collections of mostly XML files. XML is not tolerant of file corruption and from the errors generated it appears that Word 2007 is using a fairly corrupt intolerant XML reading algorithm to even salvage text from corrupt Word 2007 docx files.

Damaged DOCX2TX uses an unzipper which is tolerant of XML file corruption and uses Perl coding to extract the text from the document.xml file where all of the unformatted text resides in a docx file. Since this Perl coding does not use a standard XML reading applet or module but simply removes the hypertext around the text, the result is more less perfectly extracted text until that part of the document.xml file where the corruption starts, is reached. Word 2007 on the other hand appears to return return no results if it encounters any errors at all in the document.xml file.

The program has a Perl/Tk GUI front end.
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