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iconDocument Library Preview for SharePoint 1.3

Microsoft SharePoint is an extremely popular document exchange and collaboration suite for the corporate segment. It allows you and your colleagues do a lot: share documents and work on common projects in a highly distributed environment, post to corporate blogs and contribute to Wiki-style knowledge bases, as well as to take advantage of multiple web parts, or functional elements, located across your corporate portal.

However, regardless of the rich functionality SharePoint offers, it still lacks small useful gadgets that can make a typical user's life much easier. To start with, all the power of Microsoft SharePoint does not allow users to quickly preview shared documents without downloading them! Document Library Preview for Sharepoint is here to change this!

Document Library Preview for Sharepoint saves a great deal of your time by allowing you to preview documents and libraries as text. The software supports SharePoint 2007 and works completely independently from any third-party applications. You don't need Office or any other applications - not at all! Document Library Preview adds a new item to the standard document menu that opens a preview window for the currently selected document.

Supporting all the standard file types, such as doc, docx, xls, pdf, Document Library Preview will help you quickly browse through your libraries and separate documents to find the necessary one. This handy tool also saves you the trouble of having to install Word, Excel and other programs to preview a library or document - all the necessary conversions and text extractions are done on the server side!

Document Library Preview is licensed per server and has a fully-functional demo version that helps you to fully grasp the gist of this useful extension!

If you want to make your work in SharePoint much more comfortable and efficient, make sure you start with Document Library Preview!
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