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iconduplicate photo remover 3.5.5

Is it easy to remove duplicate music files? Yes, if you have reliable and convenient duplicate photo remover like Clone Remover.
Clone Remover is the universal utility which searches and removes duplicate music files (and other duplicates ? music duplicates, image duplicates, etc.). The principle of the program work is simple: you choose among files of what type you?re going to search for duplicates, where you want to search (that is a search location), search these duplicates and delete the found results from the computer. Thus, the technology of work with the duplicate photo remover includes three stages: selection of criteria for duplicate search, the duplicate search, the duplicate removal. We?ll consider these stages more in detail.
The selection of criteria for the duplicate search in the duplicate photo remover is spent by means of such windows as ?What you want to do?? and ?where do you want to search??. This stage includes the choice of files among which you?re going to search for duplicates, as well as the search location including folders, i-Tunes, archives and network disks (you can also create the last ones).
The duplicate search is carried out automatically. You press ?to search?, then the program selects all files as which it considers to be copies of already existing ones (by special criteria). The search time depends on folder volume you search for the duplicates in, as well as on the number of duplicates.
The duplicate removal is carried out by personal user desire. Differently, the user himself solves whether it?s necessary to keep the duplicates on the PC or it?s better to remove duplicate music files. Besides, to remove duplicate music files is not a unique variant of "work" with the duplicates. You can also copy them in a separate folder. The process is carried out in the last program window.
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