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According to the Medical Research Council, situated in London, UK, Scientists at the University of Cambridge suggests that the neurotransmitter serotonin, which acts as a chemical messenger between nerve cells, plays a critical role in regulating emotions such as aggression during social decision making. So what does all this mean. First things first. What is serotonin, ser o TOE nin. According to the definition on The National Pain Foundation, it is A brain chemical, neurotransmitter, that helps to regulate your mood. A lack of it may lead to depression. Where Can you Find Serotonin. Well the best known source of the, feel good, hormone is probably dark chocolate. Certainly when folks feel fed up, they are likely to reach for a chocolate bar and the reason being that chocolate is known to raise the serotonin level. We accept that serotonin is known as the feel good hormone, and we agree that high levels of serotonin can make us feel happy equally lack of it can make us feel sad. The essential amino acid necessary for the body to create serotonin can only be obtained through diet. Therefore, our serotonin levels naturally decline when we do not eat. This is probably why many of us comfort eat when necessary. It is our brains invitation to produce more serotonin through diet, even though we do not realise it as such at the time. So the moral of the story here is that Chocolate can have a very beneficial effect, and lack of it can actually be detrimental. But only if you are eating the right sort of chocolate, of course. Too much highly processed, fat and sugar laden chocolate may give you a temporary high but it is followed by a low which needs a fix. It also has other health and weight issues to consider. I am happier now that I have found the perfect dark chocolate xocai pronounced show sigh which has no added fat or sugar and is actually a Healthy Chocolate ie. it is positively GOOD for you and its not just because it tastes nice.
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