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iconInternet spy software

Do you want to identify how your friend or co-workers using your PC in your absence? Download keyboard surveillance and monitoring software to stay track on each pressed key action on your PC. Software runs on the installed computer, fully concealed from its users, and accounts everything that is typed in a protected file. Windows Keylogger software will offer backup of what was typed in so it can be cut-and-paste instead of re-writing. Spy Keylogger software records every keystroke like chats, instant messengers, incoming and outgoing e-mails, internet pages surfing history, pressed keystrokes, programs launched, passwords (including Windows logon password), usernames, desktop activity, copy and paste activities on clipboard and much more. Keylogger software provides the finest possible answer for homes, families, small and middle offices, as well as big companies with the need to monitor hundreds of employee. Family Keylogger software automatically captures application status, drive location, session time-date and application caption with each keystroke and keep it in log file. Tool invisibly runs every time when OS is booted. Stealth pc monitoring application runs in hidden mode, fully hides itself from start menu, task manager list, add-remove programs and tracks secret information and records keyboard activities in a password protected file. Invisible Keylogger software supports various windows operating systems including 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.
* Download monitoring tool that can record every keystroke into an encrypted log file for a later review.
* Windows keylogger software can monitor your employee, children, and spouse while you are away.
* Invisible key logger is virtually undetectable, cannot detected by help of any antivirus or spyware.
* Remote keylogger monitoring software has convenient interface of the log and screenshot view.
* Easy to use stealth solution for PC and Internet surveillance.
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