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iconJTlottery 1.0

Most lottery programs examine past draws to find the most popular numbers and/or numbers that are in a trend and due a hit. These numbers are then combined into a list of lottery bets for the next draw.

This sounds great but the fact is, they are predicting for the near future, NOT the next draw. In other words, IF these lottery systems work, the predicted numbers will be spread out over the next few draws. They just never seem to occur together in one draw.

If predicted numbers result in small wins, then to get a BIG lottery win you will have to include unpredictable numbers. But this means it's almost impossible to create ONE system for ALL games.

The only answer is to use lottery software to test MANY systems on YOUR game and see what they WON in the past. Each system will have a past winning record and the software can show you the best. You will be playing with a lottery system that has a proven record of big wins on YOUR game.

JTlottery software tests 1,000s of lottery systems on the last 10 draws of YOUR game, and shows the Top10 winners. Choose one of these lottery systems to bet on the NEXT draw. If it works well in the near-past it should work well in the near-future.

You can use JTlottery software on both lottery AND digit games (e.g. Pick3, Play4) and includes hundreds of pre-built games. This has just got to be the ONLY way to play... WIN the lottery BEFORE you bet.
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