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iconKeylogger Software

Keylogger software captures all typed text from keyboard like messages, chat contents, mails, website URL and shows these data to admin for monitoring of user work done. Parental monitoring software stores Windows screenshots, clipboard activities related to copy and paste, sound actions of system in encrypted and password protected log files so that by accessing log files admin can ensure about authorized activities performed on computer. PC monitoring tool employs log files to preserve whole data in encrypted html format for giving reports in form of video style play back to admin. Professional Keystroke tracker tool with simple and quick installation process remains in stealth mode so that nobody can guess about its existence in system. Visual surveillance program monitors all pressed keys of keyboard with proper time and date in reports to avoid confusions and conflicts. Advance keylogger software is prepared for accomplishing goal of providing security to admin computer so that it can be used in various industries easily. System monitoring software is easily utilized in home without requiring additional expertise in technical knowledge to trace system activities of your relatives. Professional keyrecord tracker gives information of web page with entire session details and internet activities like accessed mails, chat contents, cookies etc.
* Professional keystroke tracer tool works like a detector who is looking you secretly by taking screenshots of monitor.
* Keystroke recorder keeps track of everything typed by user through keyboards.
* PC monitoring tool requires very few steps to install with minimum storage and no technical knowledge is required to operate.
* Professional Keystroke tracker tool provides facility of back up for future use.
* System monitoring software composes report on basis of data in log files.
* Keylogger software captures sound actions like playing songs, voice chat etc.
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