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iconmiOOt Live chat 3.4

miOOt live chat is a visitor tracking and live chat software tool, which captures the visitor?s info on a real time basis and provides opportunity to initiate a live help communication channel with the visitor to your web site. In other words miOOt live chat is your virtual customer support representative and keep watching the visitors and enables one-on-one live support assistance in real-time.

Benefits of live chat software
The traditional way of providing customer support service using Telephones or emails has gotten a facelift. With the help of live chat software systems, business owners can now give their customers the option of getting the level of customer service that they deserve: through live chat.
# Know your web sites visitors in real time.
# Help the web site visitor at their point of need.
# Decrease your operating costs.
# Rapidly Resolve pre sales inquiries:
# Provide better customer support
# Increase your operator efficiency and Productivity
# Increase your sales volume

What are the business for which a live chat software can be utilized?

Live chat software can be utilized with great efficiency literally by any business , Live chat software can be used in the following business or industry for their pre sales and customer support.
Live chat software is ideal solution for real estate agents, Realitors and appraisers to handle the pre house purchase queries and follow up.
Live support service is a escential features for ecommerce websites who sell the product or service online from their website with online payment integration.
web hosting customer support and live chat software are interlinked.
What are the ways in which ?live chat software? can help an Educational institution?
Effective usage of live chat software in Automobile sales and service increase the profit.
How Live chat software can be effectively utilized by health care organizations?
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