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iconMoney Booster Silver Version 1.0

Create Push-Button Websites That Generate AdSense Income on Autopilot. If you want to make money from Google AdSense but have so far failed, then this could be the most important product to use. We have finally created a software program that will generate up to 10000 dynamic webpages that are fully optimized for the highest paying AdSense keywords. This means that anyone can use our new program -no matter what your experience- and soon have a daily source of regular income from Google AdSense. There is no doubt that Google AdSense is one of the best ways to make money online, but until now most people have not been able to profit from it.

Here is just some of what Money Booster can do for you:
- Automatically create search engine friendly webpages with unique content
- Build, install and publish content to an unlimited number of websites
- Manage as many websites as you want from one central location
-Use a simple, easy-to-use interface that anyone can understand
-Optimize your webpages for the highest paying keywords in Google AdSense (so you make top dollar from each click)
-Automatically display AdSense ads on every page that you publish
-Ensures that every page you create is in-line with the Google policies and recommendations (meaning you get high rankings in Google)
-Get stared within minutes, and have your own optimized websites created and online
-Get more traffic than you ever imagined (because of the optimized nature of the website and the content)
-Churn out as many websites as you can handle in minimum time
-Forget about HTML, as everything is taken care of via the interface (very user friendly)
-Use a set of top paying keywords to build the content around. These are provided to you depending on the version that you choose (they are top paying keywords, top traffic keywords and categorized keywords)
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