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iconMp3Gain PRO 1.04

Mp3Gain PRO (formerly SuperMp3Normalizer) is a software designed specifically to adjust and normalize the volume of mp3 files.

Mp3Gain PRO is an easy to use software. Normally it is sufficient to click a button to get an optimized volume level in any mp3 file.

However, it has more complex options, which allow a fine tuning, with maximum detail to normalize the level of volume gain of any mp3.
Mp3Gain PRO provides ease of use with advanced options to enable an efficient standardization of a mp3 volume.

Of course, Mp3Gain PRO can process a single mp3 file or can process hundreds of files (batch normalize).

You can download the trial version of Mp3Gain PRO, to enjoy the results that this product offers. All your mp3 files will have a similar volume, optimized and ideal for any audio player.

Mp3Gain PRO has recently been launched, so this site is still being developed. Anyway you can download the trial version and buy the product, if desired.

Mp3Gain PRO has no connection with the old product called Mp3Gain, but is actually a software that also offers to normalize the volume of mp3 files, but with more efficient, modern and fit for today's audio players.
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Filename: mp3gainpro.rar

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One Response to “Mp3Gain PRO”

  1. ufobsb says:

    problems are:1. the program does not work right, always have to retype your product key.
    2. it changes the music considerably increases the volume of parts of the music, changing considerably lower and upper parts of the song, which destroys the dramatic aspect imagined by the artist.
    3. after the program changed the music stays with wheezing in the higher parts, an undesirable metallic effect.
    4. the program is misleading, I was wanting the classic “mp3gain” and not the imitation.
    5. it stops running constantly.6. the trial did not take enough use to test everything I needed before buying.I hope you understand my dissatisfaction, it would be boring estremamente I have to post reviews of its program in specialized sites.graciously
    Programa horrível, muda todo o arquivo de mp3 acabando com nuances de tonalidade, o arquivo fica com um som “achatado” e cheio de chiados. Após usar isso no mp3 não tem como corrigir mais. sem falar que ele da erro direto, parando de funcionar do nada. A versão paga é pior ainda pois apresenta os mesmos defeitos e vc ainda perde dinheiro. NÃO USEM ESSE PROGRAMA.

    sugiro que procurem o verdadeiro MP3gain, que além de ser Free não estraga seus arquivos

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