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iconMySQL To MS SQL Conversion Program

MySQL to MS SQL conversion program provides beneficial application to convert large database record or selected tables from MySQL db to MSSQL server. Database transformation software is helpful to convert source database records including tables, rows, columns, default value, null value, data types, key constraints (primary key, foreign key), functions, fields, indexes, structures into MSSQL database. MySQL database migration tool can merge or overwrite converted MySQL db into existing MSSQL database and also has ability to save converted database to new location specified by user. MySQL to Microsoft SQL database converter utility supports all major attributes, data types, Unicode architecture and multibyte character set for accurate db conversion. Database synchronization software maintains consistency of records with full database integrity during migration from MySQL db to MSSQL database server. MySQL db conversion tool is fully compatible with all major versions of MySQL and MSSQL db server. Database transformation software quickly converts MySQL database records to MSSQL server without affecting the originality and accuracy. MySQL to MSSQL db migration program runs on all windows operating system including windows Vista (Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate). Universal database conversion utility provides user friendly graphical user interface so any one can easily use it.
* MySQL database transformation tool efficiently converts selected or complete database record from MySQL db server to MSSQL format.
* Database converter software supports Unicode architecture and maintains full db integrity during conversion from MySQL db to MSSQL format.
* MySQL to MS SQL conversion program is compatible with all major versions of MySQL and MSSQL server.
* MySQL database synchronization software supports different data types, attributes and multibyte character set.
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