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iconOnly4gamers 3.0 3.0

What I liked about Aarons site is the way he has developed a series of mini courses that explain what you need to do, step by step.

This removes the guess work and gives you the complete process from newbie to getting hired.

To make things even easier you get a detailed ?Flowchart? which in essence is a summary of the mini course that enables you to see at a glance what steps you need to take.

All this information is contained in the members area which you get LIFETIME access to for just one payment.

It?s easy to navigate, simple to follow and has been expertly put together so that anyone, no matter what level of experience you have, can follow a natural progression towards applying to companies for game tester jobs.

What really sets this website apart is the job listings section. Every day you get an updated list of the current job vacancies that are available from all over the world.

Right now there are well over 100 vacancies listed with around 15-20 new jobs added every week!

There is also a similar updated list of game company job pages. This gives you the contact details of all the game companies that are recruiting. Again this is constantly updated.

You get access to these details for life, which is awesome considering the work that goes into maintaining it.

There are some nice little bonuses to be had when you join including Game System Cheats and Codes, discount off video games and a game tester guide.


As with all the products I?ve reviewed here, Only4Gamers comes with a solid 8 week, money back guarantee.

Aaron who runs the site will have no hesitation in giving you a full refund if you?re not happy in any way with the site or the products.

You pay through ClickBank or PayPal who handle your credit card details. This is 100% safe and actually safer than purchasing products in a regular store due to the stringent security and privacy measures imposed.
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