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iconPantech Flexus Concept Cell Phone Screensaver 1

The Pantech Flexus 03 Concept Cell Phone Screensaver by Cell Phones Number Search . com
The Flexus 03 concept cellphone unveiled under the commercial brand SKY by Pantech Curitel, a South Korean mobile phone manufacturer, the third largest one after Samsung and LG Group.

This slider phone has made it to the finals of the IF Design Award 2007, a fact that proves it has an exquisite design (as you can see with your own eyes). The only pieces of info anyone knows about this handset are the details that one can grasp from the picture so, if you want anything more than this, you will have to wait until its release (if that will ever happen) as everybody else.

Meditating upon the subject of all the phone releases coming from Asia this year, at least at the more exotic ones launched in the Asian countries, I have a feeling that if this handset is going to be released out of the Pantech developing labs (as it deserves) the ones that are going to enjoy it first will be, again, the Koreans.

Even following this scenario I still wish it would get in to the real world because this way one has a chance to, at least, get a live glimpse over it in one its trips through Asia or, even better, getting to know it closer by buying it after a much later release in one of our countries that crave so bad for such beautifully designed cell phones.
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