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iconParental Spy Software 10.10

Ideally, all parents should know how to monitor their children's Internet usage, but they often have no idea how to do so. Parents are also dangerously unaware of what their children are actually doing online. A survey suggested that more than half the 9-19 year olds who go online have been exposed to pornographic material - but only one in six parents was aware that their child had ever seen such images. The best way on how to monitor children's internet activity is by simply downloading monitoring software off the net. Here's how this works: You basically turn the software "on", when you know child use is going to occur. The software acts invisible and tracks all the activity that goes on. Messages, chat rooms visited, pictures downloaded, and so forth. You can turn the software off after child use and later backtrack to see if any disturbing areas of the internet have been visited by your child. Parental Spy Software is the BEST child monitoring software that you can download immediately. Key features: Logs keystrokes typed, websites visited (MySpace, Facebook, etc.), online searches performed, applications executed, documents opened, chat conversations, Windows opened, email read, files uploaded and downloaded, user total active / idle times, passwords typed, sends activity logs via email or FTP, records screenshots, VCR-like screenshot playback, easy log management and viewing, quick log searching and filtering, runs in complete Steath Mode.
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