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iconRegistryCure 2007.20825

Have you had frequent system crashes? Is your PC slow and sluggish? Are you plagued by constant system errors?

These problems are symptoms of a clogged up Windows Registry that needs to be scanned and cleaned by a powerful registry cleaner. That?s where Registry Cure comes in.

It quickly scans your entire Windows Registry and reorganizes it for optimum speed and efficiency. If you?ve had your computer for a while, you won?t believe how fast you can make it until you run Registry Cure. It can practically restore your PC to perform like the day you bought it!

Registry Cure automatically diagnoses and fixes everything from invalid paths to shell extensions, sound and help files, DLLs and CLSID, class keys, AppEvents, and more.

Easy undo feature allows you to revert back to former Registry configurations should you need to.

Free email tech support

Automated and easy to use

Unlimited free upgrades and updates

Flexible platform works with Windows
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