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iconRER COWON S9 DVD Ripper Patch 3.7.2

RER COWON S9 DVD Ripper Patch is a patch program specially designed for RER DVD Ripper. Once you install this patch, it will add two profiles specially designed for COWON S9 to the profile list. While you convert for your COWON S9 player with RER DVD Ripper, you can simply choose that preset profile for COWON S9. Then it will play very smoothly on your COWON S9 player.

How to use RER COWON S9 DVD Ripper Patch
1. Download and install RER DVD Ripper.
2. Download and install RER COWON S9 DVD Ripper Patch.
3. Run RER DVD Ripper.
4. Load the input files you want to convert.
5. Select "TO AVI" as your output file format.
6. Click "AVI Profile" box to open the drop down list. You will find 2 profiles at the bottom we preset for your COWON S9: Cowon S9 - (MPEG4, 768 kbps, 24 fps, 480*272) and Cowon S9 - High Quality - (MPEG4, 1000 kbps, 30 fps, 480*272).
7. Choose one COWON S9 profile for your output AVI. And click "Edit" to customize more parameters if you need.
8. Hit the big button "Convert" to finish the whole conversion process.
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