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iconSimple Image Manipulator 1.0

Image editing software is becoming more and more complicated, not to mention expensive, to fill programs with tons of features that the average person simply does not need or want!

Finally, a solution to end the constant battle of learning new and confusing software programs to get the quality of graphics we want had been created!

This powerful image editing software comes filled with twelve easy to use, and very high quality image manipulation tools to allow you to finally create professional quality images and graphics in less than 20 seconds!

All without having to study a manual or taking some online tutorial course.

Better yet, store and export your images to share with friends and family, or create your own graphics business and quickly be able to complete and exceed the expectations of customers to be able to receive high quality images at an affordable price.

From color and shading manipulation, to size and angle, and even dropping turning your images into filmstrips, polaroids, stamps, and more!

This software will meet the demands you have, and want, to deliver the head turning and jawdropping affects that you've always wanted to be able to do on your own.

Don't delay, currently a trial versions are available until the end of this don't wait!

Download your copy of this Simple Image Manipulator right now!
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Filename: IMT.exe

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