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iconsoftware mp3 duplicate finder 3.7.3

To find duplicates is not difficult if to take advantage of such convenient and effective program as Clone Remover.
Clone Remover is the program which has interface convenient for user work which differs easy in usage, as well as an interactive operating mode. However, about all one after another.
Program Clone Remover works by a window principle. It means that all your actions in the utility submit to one rule ' one of transitions. Each your step, each choice of this or that option conducts to the following option in a following window, etc. As a result, the work process in the program has logic completeness and directed on performance of the set result - to find duplicates and to remove them.
The software mp3 duplicate finder has no difficult tool panels. More precisely, they are not present in common. Your actions are accompanied by nice moleskin which actions illustrate some operation.
In total in the program there are some operations. For example, preparation for duplicate file search. It is spent in the mode of search criteria choice, selection of file types for search, as well as the directory search choice in the software mp3 duplicate finder.
For example, the choice of directory search is carried out in a special window -Where do you want to search?- in which the user in a special tree of folders should choose in what folder or what disk it is necessary to search for file clones. For certain many users will be pleasantly surprised that the program has offered such other variants of directories as archives, network disks and i-Tunes.
Separate operation in the program is duplicate search. It is carried out automatically, irrespective of user and occupies some seconds (minutes).
The program work comes to the end at the stage of duplicate file choice for removal and direct removal. However, there are other variants in the program: for example, to copy and to save in a separate folder.
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