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iconThe open physics 2.6. A part 1 2.6

The Course "the Open physics 2.6" is intended for pupils of schools, lyces, grammar schools, colleges, for the entrants preparing for receipt in high school, students of the first courses of technical colleges and for independent studying of physics. The maintenance "the Open physics 2.6" corresponds to the program of a course of physics for educational institutions of Russia. Some sections of a course are beyond the program for the basic and senior school and can be used at profound studying of physics. The full multimedia course of physics will allow you to understand various questions of physics, to comprehend its bases, thoroughly to understand essence of physical laws. A group of authors: prof. A fiz.-floor-mat. Sciences With. M.Kozel (the textbook, problems, interactive models, the general edition), the prof., Sciences V.A.Orlov (tests, problems), A fiz.-floor-mat. A.F.Kavtrev's sciences (laboratory works, methodical materials),. Sciences of Century And. Zinkovsky (methodical materials), the methodologist on the physicist, N.N.Gomulina's sciences (methodical materials). The course has all possibilities for reception of an extensive knowledge by you on astronomy in the evident interactive form. It will be the irreplaceable assistant for preparation for examinations at receipt in high schools, for creation of abstracts and creative works. Possibility of use is provided both at independent training of the house, and during employment in computer classes. The local version of a course is selected by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for delivery in educational institutions of Russia. The program has passed quality examination, has received the certificate of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The interactive course includes: the illustrated textbook; materials for profound studying of physics; 53 interactive training models; 12 laboratory works; more than 700 questions and problems; analysi
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