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iconwillowclub 1.0

This application,"willowclub", instructs users on stationary cycle exercise. Reasons to consider stationary training:

SAVING TIME - avoid the time necessary to get to a road suitable for your workout, and with a planned program get your optimum training benefit in 60 minutes.

INTENSITY - minimizes the distractions of road biking, allowing you the concentration and focus to maximize and maintain your heart rate for the session without worrying about cars, potholes, or other road hazards. In fact, using a stationary bike is an optimum tool to determine your maximum heart rate. After you have warmed up, increase your effort and speed every minute for 5 to 10 minutes. When you feel you can't pedal any faster, SPRINT. This is your maximum heart rate.

PRECISE - just an extension of the above. The elimination of distractions allow you to focus on your planned workout.

PROMOTES RECOVERY - at the end of a difficult day of riding, consider jumping on the trainer and doing 20 minutes of gentle spinning at 55% max heart rate. Personal testimonials sugggest this is superior to massage to speed lactic acid clearance from the muscle and cut down on post training stiffness and soreness.

The biggest drawback of stationary cycling is the monotony and boredom. What are some techniques to make it a bit more palatable? Consider these:
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