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iconXLS Processor Engine for Oracle BI Publisher 1.0 1.2

XLS Processor Engine for Oracle BI Publisher is Excel templates conversion tool for report developers.
Oracle BI Publisher (formerly Oracle XML Publisher) is a multifunctional report solution. Unfortunately, this product has got some functional limitations. For instance, you cannot design Microsoft Excel templates and create reports based on these templates.

Of course, you can design RTF template using Microsoft Word and publish report in Microsoft Excel based on this template, but there are some limitations of this method:

It?s impossible to use existing Excel templates. You ALWAYS MUST design RTF template. You can?t import existing spreadsheet from Excel to Word.

There is a tabs limitation. It?s impossible to publish report using RTF template on separately tabsheets.

You cannot create a wide spreadsheet by RTF template if the number of columns is more than 64.
Published Microsoft Excel report differs from the designed template (especially for complex cross table reports).
Output report is published in HTML format. Microsoft Excel opens such files with a considerable delay.
All of these limitations will be considered in detail afterwards.
So we?ve come to the conclusion: the reviewed shortcomings practically disable the design of complex Excel reports by Oracle
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